Every great master once started as a student.  We all have to start somewhere. My story is like so many others.  The old Zen proverb sums it best: 'Man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it's dark'. 

I attract the seekers- whether they are beginners or advanced students, laymen, the great or the 'would-be-great' - who are seeking to understand how to make their life better, have better relationships, how to achieve peace & happiness, and their overall purpose for being here. 

My purpose is to guide you to finding your own truth, without judgement. I'm here to support & coach you through the low times and champion you through the great times.  

Just like Dorothy, together we will follow the path, face the  challenges, get the tools, and finally mastered your way to a great life.


Your Life Mastered

About Me

Personal Coaching

Are you seeking to understand life and how to make yours better?   My focus is to aid the seeker in finding your truth and what works best for you.  

Through our lives we often get stuck in patterns of thinking,  unhealthy routines, roles & labels. Sometimes we lose our way, our vision, our dreams and ourselves.  There are times we think to ourselves: who cares? It doesn't matter anyway. 

I'm here to tell you that it does matter. You matter! Your place in this life has meaning and purpose. That your value is more than the dollars in your wallet.  We all lose our way sometimes and there is no shame in it. I am here to guide you to fresh ideas, new opportunities & perspectives, and get a better game plan to help you to be the master of your life.